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We expect an ON-SITE event, but this will depend on how the socio-sanitary conditions evolve.

In addition if STARTUP OLÉ is ON-LINE:
All activities will be ON-LINE

In addition if STARTUP OLÉ is ON-SITE:
3 DAYS exhibition with ON-SITE Stand
Networking Cocktails
ON-SITE Matchmaking

Depending on the socio-sanitary conditions, if the event is ON-SITE and you are unable to attend. You will be able to participate ON-LINE.

- Prices
Until 11st June ‘21 -> 200€ + VAT
** After this date -> 250€ + VAT

The payment is not related with the participation in the pitch neither matchmaking activities.
*Pitch Competition Activity: the best 100 selected startups will pitch during the event. To participate in the pitch you will have to send the presentation that you will use if you are selected to participate in the pitch competition. The presentation must be a maximum of 3 minutes of talk, in English and it is mandatory to follow the following template: Link
*Matchmaking activity: the best selected startups will have private meetings with investors, corporates and public procurement teams.
*Jury of Accelerator Assembly Reserve Pitch: is limited, if you want to be a part of it, hurry up and fill out this form.

*Do not forget to read the complete conditions & FAQs for the participation in the web:

If you know more disruptive startups which may be interested in showing their project and business at international level, please forward them our link to get registered:

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*Note: The video pitch sould cover the following topics. (Originality and feasibility of the idea, Degree of technology and innovation, Problem to be solved, Market and advantages over competitors, Added value, Business model, Scalability / expansion, Degree of communication of the project, Team and What it offers and what is required from the investor.)

*Note: If you have any questions/suggestions you can contact us at:

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  The general ticket includes the presence of 2 members. In order for a third person to attend and enjoy the cocktails, Networking Tool and other activities you must complete the following fields. The additional price is 90€+VAT and no discount applies.
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You can change your registration until 15th June.


We provide you with all the necessary activities to launch your startup to a success stage.
Choose the activities you fancy to participate in!
If you have more questions and/or need more information, please visit:

Startup Fair: The first 500 startups that apply with a final product to show at the stand will be eligible for FAIR 1*. The remaining startups are eligible for FAIR 2.

* Type Fair 1 includes: Booth of 1'5 m2 + table 70cm + logo in the poster identifying your stand + WIFI + point of light with 3 plugs
* If you need more space for your booth, write an email to with your proposal, including images of what will be displayed on the booth. The organization will evaluate the feasibility of your proposal and will contact you.
**This may vary according to socio-sanitary conditions.

In what activities do you want to participate?*
Check all that apply. If your participation is onsite, you must at least select Fair 1 or Fair 2.
Fair 1 (Exhibition booth, including space for your rollup) [The organization will not provide the roll-up.]
Falken is the official supplier of Startup OLÉ for computer, audiovisual equipments and rollups. If you need this kind of material for your stand you can contact them directly at this email: or WhatsApp +34 640 02 54 47.
Fair 2 (Only space for you rollup) If you have selected Fair 1 you cannot select this option. [The organization will not provide the roll-up]
Matchmaking (Under selection. The corporates and investors are the ones that will select you based on their own interests.)
Pitching Competition (Under selection. Only the top 100 startups will be selected for the pitching competition and as long as you have sent us your video-pitch in English so that we can evaluate correctly your participation)
Accelerator Assembly Reverse Pitch Jury (Under selection. Let's turn things around and enjoy watching accelerators presenting their projects in a pitching-style competition. You can even be the judge!).

BUSINESS DATA (Investor Deck 1/4)

Investors and large corporations are searching for you.

Take your time and complete your profile as best as possible.

This is your cover letter and this information is what corporations and investors to evaluate your candidacies and can see to choose you.

* Please note that is mandatory fill complete both points if you want to participate in the Matchmaking Activity selection process.

To be able to assess the quality of your project we need you to answer the following questions.

[This data will not be made publicly available. It is completely confidential and necessary. It will only be provided to interested corporates, investors and public procurement teams if you have chosen to participate on the matchmaking activity. (The privacy conditions are the same for all sections of the Investor Deck).

What stage is your startup in? *
Mark only one oval..
Seed Stage
Middle Stage
Growth Stage
Business Model *
Check all that apply..
Scope *
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International (Worldwide)

COMPANY AT A GLANCE (Investor Deck 2/4)

(The privacy conditions are the same for all parts of the Investor Deck, see description in part 1/1).

Vision *
Core activity *
Unique Selling Proposition *
Market engagement/traction
Describe your competition
Describe your competition in a tweet.
Máximo 200 palabras

FINANCIAL DATA (Investor Deck 3/4)

(The privacy conditions are the same for all parts of the Investor Deck, see description in part 1/1).

Have you received any investment?
How much? (EUR)
Mark only one oval..
< 50 k
50 - 150 K
150 - 300 K
300 - 600 K
600 K - 1 M
> 1 M
No investment yet but we are actively looking for it.
Nope and not looking for investment.
When and from whom?
Describe... When and from whom have you received your investment?.
Máximo 50 palabras
Investment Sought
Máximo 50 palabras
What you will use your investment for?
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KEY METRICS (Investor Deck 4/4)

Mandatory for your startup to appear in the investors' database.
Please, in each question, indicate a value for each year 2019 / 2020 / 2021.
Reponse ex: 2019 ---- > 10.000€ / 2020 ----> 20.000 / 2021 ----> 30.000.
Please, use only integer numbers without thousand separators, or decimals

Active Users/Costumers *
Revenues (€)
Overall sales (€)
Expenditures (€)
NET Results (€)

BILL (Data)

Thanks for applying! Good Luck! And see you at STARTUP OLÉ 2021.

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